books by David Gregory

Humanness. Meaning. The divine. The universe.

As much as we occupy ourselves with life’s responsibilities and our chosen distractions, none of us can escape life’s ultimate questions. Some people are drawn primarily to the specifics of life – how can I be a better parent, manage my time well, get my grass to stay green? I have always been drawn to the big picture. Why are we here? What is true reality? How do we align our lives with the greater purpose of our existence?

This is the ocean into which my books plunge.

My writing has two goals. One is to entertain. Every writer wants a reader to put his book down and think, “That was a good read.”

But an even greater goal is to challenge . . . challenge myself and my reader. I seek to help us machete past the thick undergrowth of our culture and discover open spaces where we can ask the big questions, contemplate the big answers, and journey more deeply – in our actual experience -- into the very life of God.

How greatly I value you, my readers, as we step further into a reality we were created for: a connection with something—Someone—both greater and beyond. It’s a reality both frightening and mysterious, yet beckoning, irresistible, drawing, enchanting, hopeful, life-giving.

My thanks go to those who have taken this path ahead of me, and those who journey alongside me.